International Review of Rainwater Harvesting Management: Practices, Market and Current Developments


An international review of the market, current practices and R&D projects on the topic of rainwater harvesting management was performed. The review highlighted leading countries in different regions of the world, but also the variety of practices and acceptance. Current R&D issues and further research needs are identified and discussed. The application of RWHM techniques at household level seems to be mature, but sanitary risks exist when rainwater is used inside homes and also reserve on economical an environmental aspects can be drawn when drinking water supply is available. Promising concepts are being developed and demonstrated at larger scale such as industrial or commercial buildings or even urban catchments where the use of rainwater and the operation of the systems are under full control. For schemes of this scale, the integration and optimization of several beneficial aspects such as –traditionally- additional water supply and stormwater management, but also urban planning with water and green spaces, energy compensation in buildings and in the cities or ecological enhancement seems to be promising. Specific expertise will be required to best plan these schemes according to the local conditions and targets and to operate, maintain and upgrade them over their entire life time.

p 7 In: IWA Specialised Conference RWHM 2009, Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. 7. -11.9.2009